PalDuct "complete system technology" approach to pre-insulated ductwork is the solution to today's air distribution problems.

The "PalDuct System" Offers

  • Complete line of components and accessories
  • Professional hand tools and automatic machinery
  • Specialized training courses for duct manufacturers
  • "Duct Design Software" to size the duct system and estimate the material needed
  • Technical Support

Advantages of PalDuct Ductwork

  • Environmentally friendly, CFC / HCFC free
  • Clean air: fiber-free insulation core
  • Light weight: weighs 15% of sheet metal ducting
  • Resistance to fungus growth
  • Space saving: flush fitting installation possible
  • Low leakage: fully sealed systems conforms to DW 144 Class C-high pressure
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Energy savings: up to 20% annually
  • Fast-track installation: rapid erection combined with single-fix installation
  • Site fabrication capability
  • No limit to duct sizes
  • High-compressive strength
  • High rigidity / integrity
  • Base material is impermeable to moisture

Find out more about The PalDuct Phenolic System.

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